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Design eBook Bundle

Jarrod Drysdale
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Includes 3 ebooks by Jarrod Drysdale, @studiofellow:

Bootstrapping Design

Learn design fundamentals

The "creative type" is a myth. You are capable of creating beautiful design. Learn the fundamentals and the best ways to practice.

"I've enjoyed your book [Bootstrapping Design] immensely. I keep recommending it to folks. It's the single best reference I can give a developer to help them understand design in a nutshell."

—Nathan Kontny, CEO of Highrise, Creator of Draft

  • 204p PDF
  • Kindle
  •  ePub
  • 2 printable cheatsheets

Off The Chopping Block

End soul-sucking revision cycles

9 methods to help you earn signoff on your designs without revisions. Earn respect from non-designers. Protect the integrity of your best design work.

“I improved my ability to deal with my pickiest clients. I wish I was taught these things in design school."

—Gerardo Covela

  • 88p Guide PDF
  • 49p Conversation Scripts PDF
  • 10 moleskine-sized printable cheatsheets

My Designer is Driving Me Crazy

Teach your clients to value design

Gift this ebook to your clients and non-designer coworkers. They’ll learn why design is valuable, how it works, and how they can support your design efforts.

“Like couples counseling for designers and their clients, Jarrod hits the nail on the head helping both parties work through the process peacefully."

—Sarah Morgan, web designer, writer

  • 175p PDF
  • Kindle
  • ePub
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Design eBook Bundle

0 ratings